Who is eligible?

There are three RYLA camps offered in Rotary International (RI) District 5040. To be eligible, you must be in the following categories at time of registration.


  • RYLA Lakelse, Terrace, BC – Ages 14 & 15
  • RYLA South, Lower Mainland, BC – Ages 16 – 18
  • RYLA North, Prince George, BC – Ages 19 – 30

Participants are selected for RYLA sponsorship by a participating Rotary Club. While the selection process varies by club, all applicants must meet the following criteria:

Reside in Rotary International District 5040 (British Columbia, Canada).

● Be selected for sponsorship by a participating Rotary Club.

● Be 14 to 16 years old at time of registration

● Express interest in leadership and community service.

● If selected, must attend all camp dates – no exceptions.

RYLA recognizes that “leadership” is diverse and varied. Students are encouraged to participate to the best of their abilities.

How can I apply?

Participants are selected for RYLA sponsorship by a participating Rotary Club. If you do not have a club sponsor, please find a club near you or contact the corresponding RYLA Director for assistance. If you are a member of Interact or Rotaract or have these clubs at your school, please connect with them as they will be able to assist you.

How are participants selected?

Rotary Clubs look for young leaders who have notable involvement in education curriculum, sports, student government, school clubs such as Interact or Rotaract, outside organizations and community service. Participating Rotary Clubs oversee the selection of their RYLA candidates. The number of participants sponsored will depend on the number of awards available by each Rotary Club. This will also depend on the number of spots available at the RYLA camp.

What is the selection process?
Applications are screened by participating Rotary Clubs. Potential candidates may be asked to attend an interview. An orientation / information session may be held by the Rotary Club for those selected to attend a RYLA camp.
What is the cost?
There is no cost to participants attending RYLA. Participants are awarded the opportunity to attend a RYLA camp. Costs are covered by the sponsoring Rotary Club and include camp registration, transportation, accommodation and meals.
What will be expected of me?

● Attend ALL camp dates. Early departures / late arrivals are not permitted.

● Participate in every activity with a positive attitude and open mind.

● Respect camp rules set by RYLA and camp staff.

● After RYLA, give a short presentation to your sponsoring Rotary Club on what the RYLA experience meant to you. This may be presented individually or with other RYLA participants from your community.

● Have fun and enjoy yourself!

What if I have a conflict with the camp dates?

It is mandatory participants attend the full RYLA camp. Early departures / late arrivals are not permitted. Please examine your calendar and consider your availability before submitting your application. To get the most out of the RYLA experience, it is essential that participants commit to the entire camp.

How do I get to camp?

Transportation varies with each camp and is covered by the sponsoring Rotary Club. If you are selected to attend, transportation information will be provided to you prior to camp.

What should I bring to camp?

Participants will be emailed a packing list and all other corresponding documents (i.e. medical / camp waiver, media consent form) prior to camp.

Can I attend RYLA twice?

Participants cannot attend the same RYLA twice unless they apply and return as a leader. Participants are however encouraged to attend all 3 camps.

Can I pay or sponsor my child to attend RYLA?

Participants are selected and sponsored by a participating Rotary Club, but businesses and/or parents may contribute the cost of registration. For RYLA North (Age 19-30) there is more opportunity for business sponsorship based on the age group.

Rotarian / Rotary Club FAQ

Why sponsor a RYLA participant?

RYLA participants are the future leaders of this generation. They deserve the opportunity to experience leadership that is learned, not inherited. RYLA provides an enjoyable and valuable experience for those who meet the challenge to lead from their hearts. RYLA is dedicated to helping young leaders be the very best they can be. After only a few days at camp, they leave feeling refreshed, motivated and empowered to effect positive change.

Our club is interested in sponsoring a RYLA participant. How do we get started?
RYLA Lakelse
Brian Downie

RYLA North
Toni Stedeford

Get in Touch

Contact Information
For more information about any of the RYLA Camps in District 5040, please contact District RYLA Chair.
Rotary District 5040 RYLA Chair Lynda Rocha
Our club cannot find a participant to sponsor. What should we do?

Rotary Clubs may wish to connect with their high school Interact club(s) and / or university / college Rotaract club(s) to ask for assistance in finding a participant. We also recommend contacting the corresponding RYLA Director, as they may have interested participants who do not have a club sponsor. Clubs may also provide funding for students who do not have a sponsor club.

How does the registration process work?

Clubs must submit their intent to sponsor participants (i.e. registration / sponsorship form), along with payment by registration deadline for each camp. Rotary Clubs oversee the selection of their RYLA candidates. Participants are selected for sponsorship by a participating Rotary club. Registration can be completed online, using the district-wide registration system. For further information, please contact the corresponding RYLA Director.

Where can I find the RYLA registration / sponsorship form?

Rotary Clubs must contact the corresponding RYLA Director to request a registration / sponsorship form. Once submitted, the director will follow-up with the next steps. Be sure to check in with your club’s RYLA representative before requesting a form, as all clubs that have previously sponsored a participant will automatically be sent the registration / sponsorship information.

Can our club reserve a spot at camp?


Can our club pre-pay for a spot at camp?


Will my club be refunded if the sponsored participant can no longer attend camp?

No, your club will NOT be refunded if the participant is unable to attend RYLA after the registration deadline. If there is a cancellation before the registration deadline, the Rotary Club may substitute another participant. Participants cannot be switched after the registration deadline if a participant is no longer able to attend, and no refund will be given.

What happens after a RYLA camp?

Rotary Clubs are strongly encouraged to invite their RYLA candidate(s) to a club meeting to share their RYLA experience. This is a great opportunity to gain a further understanding of how Rotary Youth Programs such as RYLA, are encouraging and supporting young people in developing self-awareness, understanding and community participation.

Where do I send my cheque for RYLA?

Your official registration form will include this information. Any questions can be directed to the RYLA Camp Director of each corresponding Camp.