Information For Parents

Need to get a hold of RYLA?
The contact phone numbers of the Camp Chairs/Directors will be listed on the information sheet received by your son/daughter. Some locations have limited access, so we will make every attempt to return calls as soon as possible.

Are cell phones or connective devices allowed?
Camp participants are allowed to bring cell phones to Camp, but will be instructed on usage as each camp differs slightly. We do not reocmmend bringing any other connected devices such as laptops as we do not hold any responsibility for any damaged or lost items.

Mail: Outgoing mail is taken once daily. Incoming mail is discouraged because of the camp duration. Incoming mail should be addressed to the camper, c/o Camp RYLA. Every effort will be made to deliver such mail.

Dietary Restrictions
If the camp participant has any special dietary needs or special accommodations, please indicate that on their Registration Form. We will try our best to meet these needs, but be award that in some cases, this may prove difficult.

Wanting to Participate in a RYLA Camp?

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