About RYLA Camp North
(Ages 19-30)

RYLA North is for young adults aged 19-30 who are pursuing higher education or have recently started their careers. Connect with like-minded young adults who are school, community and business leaders determined to make a difference in the world.

Participants receive advanced training in leadership, career skills, and community service, personal and professional development. Practice and hone newfound skills through team-building exercises, experiential activities, guest speakers / panel discussions, personal reflection and debriefing sessions.

Students who have attended previous District RYLA’s (RYLA Lakelse or RYLA South) may progress and apply to attend RYLA North.

Value of RYLA for Rotary Clubs

RYLA not only benefits the participants, but also Rotary club members known as “Rotarians”. RYLA helps Rotarians connect with promising young leaders in their community. Rotarians serve as mentors for participants on the path to becoming community and professional leaders. In turn, RYLA can bring new energy to a Rotary club or district, inspire innovative ideas for service, increase support of community service projects and develop future Rotarians.

Benefits of RYLA sponsorship:

● enables every Rotary club to acknowledge leadership and service to the community of two or more young people annually.
● enthuses young leaders and provides them with valuable leadership techniques.
● exposes a large number of young people, their families and their peer groups, to Rotary ideals of service.
● is a complementary program to other Rotary youth activities such as Interact and Youth Exchange and has been instrumental in the formation of Rotaract clubs.

Visit the FAQ page to learn more about sponsoring a RYLA participant.

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